Local authority letter

Please download and print the following letter and send to your local mp or Councillor

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Stay At Home Poster

Stay At Home
Protect Children, their loved ones and school staff
Save Lives
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National Rally

The Fight for our lives Mass online rally:

The Government’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis has cost thousands of lives. The People’s Assembly will be hosting a huge online platform for campaigns to voice their demands to meet this emergency and for a better life after the crisis.

We will be broadcasting across a large number of social media platforms so there is the potential for an audience of tens of thousands, a social media takeover.

Please share these on your social media accounts:

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Clap for the key workers Poster

Clap for the key workers

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We demand mass testing now

We demand mass testing now

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All the experience of the countries that have got the coronavirus under control, like South Korea and China, shows that mass testing and tracing is key. That was also the advice of the head of the World Health Organisation who said ‘Test, test, test.’ But this is what Boris Johnson’s government have done:
  • On March 11 they said ‘We'll increase tests to 10,000 a day.’
  • On March 19 Boris Johnson said ‘We'll increase tests to 25,000 a day.’
  • On March 29 Michael Gove said ‘We've reached 10,000 tests a day.’
  • On March 30 the government admitted 'Actual the number is around 7,000'
The delays must stop. The lies must stop. Mass testing now!

We demand protection for our NHS workers now

We demand protection for our NHS workers now

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The government have failed to provide the hero NHS workers with the protective equipment they need. Unbelievably, staff are having to fundraise for their own protective equipment whilst the government leave workers exposed. Tragically 3 doctors have died. We need to demand the government protect NHS workers now. We don’t care how much it costs, these staff are priceless and they should have the very best equipment to help save lives and they should have it now.

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