Youth Fight for Jobs Protest - Southampton

Join the Youth Fight for Jobs protest against the state opening of parliament on 27th May!

On this day the conservative government will carry out continued austerity without regard for the lives of working class people and without a mandate. It is vital that we show the government that from day one they will face opposition and solidarity from communities and trade unions.

We would like to inspire young people in particular to join the protests and are looking for Trade unions to join us in Solidarity. To do this we are asking for trade unions and campaigning groups to:

- Attend the protest May 27th, 5pm, Bargate, Southampton
- Share the details with members and contacts
- Help to publicise the event via social media and other networks  -

Contact Josh on 07765967659

The demands that we will be making include:

End austerity – no to five more years of cuts to jobs, education and public services
Stop welfare cuts – no compulsory workfare for 18-21 year olds, defend housing benefit
Fight poverty pay – raise the minimum wage to £10 now, scrap zero-hour contracts
Defend education – no to cuts and tuition fees
Democratic rights – stop attacks on the right to protest and civil liberties. For votes at 16.

Youth Fight for Jobs was set up in 2009 in response to rising youth unemployment, it organised a 21st century Jarrow march, protested against the closure of youth services in Southampton and campaigns as part of the fast food rights campaign for a minimum wage of 10/hr.

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