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York People’s Assembly began as a response to The People’s Assembly Against Austerity, a widely attended conference held in Westminster Central Hall on 22nd June, 2013. Inspired by the range of people who showed up, we’ve set out to create a local vision of democracy in the face of a huge democratic deficit.

The London conference issued a Draft Statement that will be reviewed at the follow-up conference in early 2014. Alongside this, we have created our own ‘Working Principles’:

  • Provide a positive channel for anger at cuts and austerity.
  • Inclusion and respect for diverse skills, opinions and experiences.
  • Real democracy leading to collective action opposing cuts.
  • Local focus, but building national events and movements.
  • Build relationships and support new local networks.
  • Solutions developed through opposition to cuts.
  • Create clear, accessible and meaningful literature.
  • Use the media to tell people’s stories and communicate our messages.
  • Fundraising to sustain the movement and enable participation.

Our group is involved with a wide range of activities. Examples include promoting national demonstrations, organising conferences and speakers, getting people to support picket lines when strikes occur, creating and supporting local protests, giving support and working alongside local groups focused on Housing issues and the NHS.

Our decision making meetings take place on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month, currently held at the TSSA office on Nunnery Lane. Everyone who is sympathetic to our aims is welcome to attend and contribute. We are forming working groups to be tasked with carrying out certain areas of our work. These meet when they need to and report to the decision making meetings.

If you want to keep up to date with our plans, the best way is by joining our email list.

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