WOWCampaign Launches New Petition

The WOWcampaign today launches a new e-petition to remind the Government that they have failed to honour the parliamentary motion in support of the WOWpetition. 


Today Ian Duncan Smith has announced his intention to get 1 million off ESA.

"Too many sick and disabled people have been left ‘languishing in a life without work, when work is actually possible for them’...

IDS should accept that it is him and his Government that have left disabled people "in a life without work" for the last 5 years because of their demonisation of disabled people and their failure to address societies unreasonable prejudice against disabled people who are different. The employment gap of 25% fewer disabled people being in employment compared to the general population is a national disgrace which IDS has had 5 years to address but can't be bothered to.

Cuts to access to work, specialist advisors, PIP and ILF have all stopped disabled working not being helped into. The work programme has been an unmitigated disaster costing the taxpayer millions. People in the ESA group are found unfit to work by a punitive test, they are not making a lifestyle choice. They have cancer, MS, Parkinson’s and mental health disabilities. This is nothing more than a cut. Disabled people demand equality of opportunity. It is time for the politicians to find out what that really means. Not further cuts and poverty.

WOWpetition/campaign launched a new petition on the Government e-petition website, e-petition 106068. It calls for the Government to “Assess full impact of all cuts to support & social care for disabled people”. The WOWcampaign have taken this action 18 months after the original “WOWpetition” was debated in the House of Commons because little has happened since, save for sick and disabled people being targeted by further cuts.


Jeremy Corbyn MP for Islington North, also commented, saying

"I backed the last WOW petition and I back this one because we can't stand by and let this Government inflict this scale of hardship and suffering on people with disabilities. It's inhumane." 


Read, the full press release see here.




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