'Which Side Are You On?'

We present a video posted on our former blog in June 2014. The song, based on 'Which Side Are You On?' by Florence Reece, was recorded during an interview with members of the Cambridge People's Assembly, broadcast on the Rebel Arts Radio programme on 16 June 2014. The performers were members Olivier (voice) and David (guitar). Neil wrote the new words, below.

Which Side Are You On?


Come all you good people,
be it from market stall,
from office block or nursing ward,
shop floor or lecture hall.

Which side are you on,
which side are you on?

For what I have to tell you
is it's taken thirty years,
but the people's last possessions
have been seized by profiteers.

Which side ...

I called for a policeman,
but from New Scotland Yard,
there only came a lawless, private
security guard.

Which side ...

Walking down in Romsey,
I saw the sky turn dull
and vultures begin circling
the public hospital.

Which side ...

Walking out in Abbey
I heard a coming storm,
I saw corporate logos
on a schoolboy's uniform.

Which side ...

I ran to join my sisters,
and the sun came out to shine
on the faces and the placards
in the people's picket line.

Which side ...

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