What's the Norfolk People's Assembly all about?

A National Movement

The National People's Assembly Against Austerity took place on the 22nd June in London and saw over 4,000 activists from across the UK come together in order to launch a unified, collective movement against austerity.

The Assembly resolved to form local People's Assemblies which can act as democratic forums for activists to discuss, debate and plan action against austerity as well as feed into a second national People's Assembly in the new year.

The Norfolk People's Assembly

Activists from across Norfolk have been meeting to discuss how to advance the People's Assembly across the region, and have formed a plan of action for the autumn. Keep an eye on this website and the Norfolk People's Assembly facebook page for updates!

Against Austerity

    Austerity is not fair: The government takes money from the pockets of those who did not cause the crisis and rewards those who did

    Austerity is unnecessary: The banks and the major corporations should be taxed at a rate which can provide for society. Stop the billionaire tax dodgers.

    Austerity does not work: It is a failure in its own terms, resulting in neither deficit reduction nor growth.

Democratic, Public, Inclusive.

The Norfolk People's Assembly is a call to those thousands of people across Norfolk who face an impoverished and uncertain future as their wages, jobs, conditions and welfare provision come under renewed attack by the government. It is a forum for ordinary people to come together, voice their concerns, and build a mass democratic movement to fight austerity.

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