Videos - National Conference 2014

A few videos from the first People's Assembly national conference on 15 March 2014. 
Thank you to Fourman Films for providing us with these videos! If you have any videos from the conference that you would like added to this page, please email the link to and we will add them.
Rachel Newton - The People's Charter
Eileen Short - Defend Council Housing
Pilgrim Tucker - Unite Community London and Eastern Region 
Dan Poulton - North London People's Assembly
Roger Lewis - Disabled People Against the Cuts
Richard Allday - Counterfire
Lindsey German - In memory of Tony Benn
Geoff Revel (RMT) - In memory of Bob Crow
Sam Fairbairn - The People's Assembly
Christine Blower - National Union of Teachers
Natalie Bennett - The Green Party
Anita de Klerk - The People's Flotilla Against Austerity
Penny Hicks - Manchester People's Assembly
Andy Squires - Unison Doncaster & striking Care UK worker
Cherry Sewell - Greek Solidarity Campaign
Dr Jacky Davis - Keep Our NHS Public
Jeremy Corbyn MP 
Chris Nineham - Stop the War Coalition
Paul Mackney - Tribute to Roger Lloyd Pack & Iain Banks
Ben Folley - Labour Assembly Against Austerity
Anita Wright - Women's Assembly Against Austerity
John Rees - The People's Assembly
Aaron Kiely - Student Assembly Against Austerity

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