As parliament heads towards vote on Trident, it's time to say No!



CND's Kate Hudson makes the case for investing in society not in Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

Why does the government say there is no money for jobs, health, education, social services – but there is always money for nuclear weapons and war?

We know how expensive the wars and interventions of this century have been – over £40 billion to the British taxpayer.

Now the government plans to spend as much as £183 billion on replacing Britain’s nuclear weapons system Trident. This figure is based on £41 billion on building the four submarines that carry the system, (the MoD’s own figure) plus the lifetime cost calculated by Crispin Blunt MP (chair of the Foreign Affairs select committee) on the government’s own formula: 6% of the defence budget which is based on a NATO commitment of 2% of GDP, with GDP growing at a rate of 2.48%, the historic growth rate between 1956-2015 = £142 billion. So that’s £183 billion based on government figures – not a wild figure made up by CND!

So what could this buy instead?

Just look at one example – housing. Shelter estimates that £3 billion a year will build 50,000 new, genuinely affordable, homes. Just a fraction of the money wasted on Trident could begin to deal with our housing crisis. And investment in renewable energy could boost our economy and provide high skilled jobs for those who have worked on the nuclear weapons programme. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is committed to a Defence Diversification policy, to ensure that cancellation of Trident boosts industry and jobs, and we all need to get behind him in support.

We can all think of things we would prefer to spend the money on. And the truth is, Trident is just a massive, useless drain on our national resources. It does nothing to meet the security threats we face in the twenty first century. It is twentieth century old technology that will be made redundant through cyberattack and underwater drones. These are weapons of mass destruction, a hangover from the cold war, and they should have no place in British society and have no part of our role in the world.

As parliament heads towards the vote on whether or not to replace Trident, now’s the time to say No!

Join us on the Stop Trident demo: Saturday 27th February, 12 noon at Marble Arch, London. 

Please follow the Facebook Event and share and invite as widely as you can.

See you on the streets!

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  • John James Boxshall
    commented 2016-02-18 18:37:48 +0000
    I appreciate the total truth and validity of this article. I fully believe that Jeremy Corbyn’s (JC) truly socialist – of a belief in the value of society – approach is the best opportunity that this country and its’ people have in my lifetime (48) to actually change social values for the good of life on this planet. (I also appreciate that this was quite a lengthy sentence ;-))
    I personally dream of a future world without money or barter/exchange. A world without want where we give because there is nothing on earth as rewarding; in which we work to produce only what is needed without calculation of profit but with maximum consideration of care, no damage, as little disruption to our eco-system as possible… I could continue ad finite describing how this ‘can’ work for the better, but:
    The ‘but’, the negative, it has to be there apparently – the balance of nature, yin and yang? The negative is surely peoples opinion? A majority of the majority influenced heavily by media propaganda, tabloid headline reporting and fear mongering. The people who believe we ‘need’ armies and WMD capabilities to defend ourselves… again I could continue descriptively yet, the question I pose is: how can they minority within the majority change this public perception (deception)? I appreciate the Ghandi classic line that ‘we must be the change we wish to see’ and ‘believe’ share that belief that the world will, even ‘is’ changing for the better.
    Perhaps, as an example of that sharing, I ‘hope’ to be there on the 27th as being unemployed and miles away (in Weston Super Mare, a rather conservative small town) makes this quite a financial commitment.. I do not socialise very much and manage my life in part by reducing the costs of that to afford the general amenities affording pleasure, but (again) the point I am illustrating badly here is that I am of little contribution to the change I wish to see and I wonder how many others are in similar situations.
    This is not an entirely constructive feeling comment, more ‘thoughts as I read’ that I hope may be met with some suggestions for myself to be better involved; for us all to ….. My thoughts, dreams, aspirations and all positive being are with you and I thank everybody for their efforts to be that change.

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