Bristol: The People v Austerity Report

Around 100 people attended our People v Austerity half-day event on Sat May 10th. The first half of the event began with Green Party leader Natalie Bennet, comedian Francesca Martinenez, economist James Meadway and local commentator and historian Edson Burton.


There was a fascinating lively discussion following the main speeches with questions and comments focusing on some of the austerity myths and a genuine sense for the need to offer and fight for alternatives. This was followed by a short break and a screening of the Lottery of Birth, followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Raoul Martinez and Francesca Martinez.

The post-film discussion focused on various issues the film had raised and included contributions about how as individuals themselves we find ways of challenging power and authority.

There was a great reception from those who attended and on twitter, and the audience was full of people who had never attended an anti-austerity event before which demonstrated once again that the People's Assembly's reach is far beyond the usual suspects.

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