The People's Question Time

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The People's Question Time was hugely successful thanks to our supporters!

The event was filmed live at York Hall and featured Russell Brand, Natalie Bennett, Mark Serwotka, John Rees and Ava Vidal - with questions and answers you won't find on the BBC.

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  • Ben Martin
    commented 2014-12-17 14:13:57 +0000
    Paul Hanes, I am politically active but yes, I did not mention what I have done to take things forward (though if you feel it would make any difference then I quite happily shall!)

    The reason why I didn’t mention it is because I think it is irrelevant to my point on whether or not this programme took things forward.

    You are right, there were lots of suggestions on what to do, but there were also lots of contradictions within it. Should we all be voting for the greens? or another left-wing party? Should we all not vote at all? what does Russell Brand mean by disobedience? Should we do that as well as vote or instead of voting?

    These are all very important things to discuss on a stage as big as this (as its extremely ineffective for us all to be doing different things) and things that people on that panel will have strongly disagreed on. However, they couldn’t discuss it because they spent the whole time establishing that they all agreed on the same policies (which we all already knew) and this was left until the very last question (and we only had time to hear that they all disagreed and it was not discussed further). That means that everyone will have left that with different and contradicting ideas about what they will do.

    As I said in the last comment; THINK ABOUT WHAT WE NEED TO BE DISCUSSING!!!
  • Ben Martin
    commented 2014-10-11 14:24:49 +0100
    Please read this!
    The People’s Question Time was dogsh**e in terms of what it could/should have been.

    It was a bunch of people who we all already knew believed the same things politically, and therefore all said the same things, the crowd then applauded every single thing (because they also believe the same things). Everyone had a wonderful time complaining and agreeing and absolutely NO PROGRESS was made.

    It was not until the very last question where we found something the whole panel disagreed on – arguably the most important thing, at that – what we are actually going to do! It became pretty evident at that point that everyone on the panel thought we should do something different; some think we should vote, others think we shouldn’t. Some people probably don’t know what Russell Brand meant by being disobedient. Mark Serwotka said there are no decent parties to vote for and that protesting would magically create one, but Natalie Bennett – Green Party Leader didn’t get to respond to him that all the discussed solutions were Green Party policies. We could, if not, also get behind TUSC, Respect, or Left Unity.

    That panel is a brilliant example of how the left is so hopelessly fractured. The simple fact is that if all of those people watching/tweeting and on the panel were behind one party and voted and campaigned for them, it would change politics – but no one got to bring that up!

    I was really excited for this thing, because I thought that they would spend a decent amount of time discussing a plan of action and all these people from different movements discussing in what way they should unite. Instead, they were just re-establishing the fact that everyone agrees that politics in this country is awful.

    I’ve put this on facebook as well but I get the impression you’re just going to ignore me – THINK ABOUT WE NEED TO BE DISCUSSING. There is a debate that we need to have!
  • @pplsassembly tweeted this page. 2014-10-11 13:45:29 +0100
    The People's Question Time was a massive success! If you missed the event you can watch it at
  • The People's Assembly Against Austerity posted about The People's Question Time on The People's Assembly Against Austerity's Facebook page 2014-10-11 13:45:29 +0100
    The People's Question Time was a massive success! If you missed the event you can watch it at

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