The People's Protest: People's History Museum, Friday 15 August at 5pm

As part of my Microresidency at the People's History Museum I am holding a People's Protest on Friday 15 August at 5pm. Please come a long and protest about an issue that you care about.

At 5.15pm we will start to march up to Lincoln Square where we will gather for speeches and music. There will be an opportunity to speak on the megaphone if you want to raise awareness of an issue that you have been fighting for.

The protest is on the theme: Ideas Worth Fighting For. The point is that we get together to protest our own campaigns, issues and ideas worth fighting for. 

The idea is that different people will be protesting about different things so while you might hold a placard about saving the NHS your neighbour might be campaigning about Education or War. It's a bit like the 2010 cuts demonstrations.

We're celebrating our freedom to protest and raising awareness about each other's campaigns.

After the protest we will be heading to a pub where we can consolidate our new friendships and talk about our campaigns as well as having lots of fun.

This is a peaceful protest suitable for all ages.

All of this week I will be in the museum making protest art works. I'll be making placards, collages and giant stamps and you are invited to come along and work with me.
On Thursday 14 August I will be running the second of our FREE placard screen printing workshops 1-3pm.

Please invite your friends and family to this event and I will hopefully see you there!

Get in touch if you fancy doing a speech or performing on the day!

It goes without saying that we won’t promote any ideas that are in any way offensive (eg racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc).

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