The People's Assembly Podcast - episode 2

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Our new podcast is independent news, sourced by us to keep you informed by covering many of the topics not given enough attention by press. It is also offers a way for you to support the work of the People's Assembly directly - if you can spare £3.80 / $5US a month you get the podcast early, a free music download with each episode, and the chance to have your picture on the podcast artwork for one episode. Most importantly, you get to know that your help goes directly back into the fight against austerity, cuts, privatisation, and the wave of laws that underpin them all.

EPISODE 2 (above).

# Absolute Power: the Tories are Gagging for it - we talk about the frightening increase in restrictions on the right to open discussion and protests. 
# TTIP a proposal that will not only rob us of the NHS and worker rights - John Hilary of War on Want joins us and explains why the stakes are alarmingly high, and why stopping TTIP is vital in the battle against austerity itself. 
# Pitting us against ourselves - we talk to Aaron Keily about the alarming increase in race and religion based hate crime and why the devide and conquer mentality is being used by political parties at the cost of human lives. 
# Upcoming actions - the part where you get to take part.
# Music Download Feature (for people supporting the podcast via patroen only Arida, "The Land of the Free"

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