The NUT is supporting The People's Manifesto

NUT is distributing copies of The People's Manifesto to each of its Annual Conference this Easter!

The Manifesto has also been ordered for all delegates to the Midlands trades council conference on 28th March. The People's Assembly will be encouraging all trade unions to do the same at their conferences.

The People’s Assembly meeting in Manchester recently enthusiastically received the publication of “The People’s Manifesto” for use in the run up to, during and after the General Election and agreed it as a priority for its work. The Manifesto sold out its first print run at The Assembly in Manchester and many local People's Assemblies have their orders in for the reprint as soom as its ready.

Order copies of The People's Manifesto for your event or organisation by emailing

The Manifesto directly challenges the lie that “Austerity” is in any way “necessary” and identifies it as the vehicle for a generalised attack “by the millionaire class on ordinary people” attempting to undo the social progress made over the last 70 years, and to shift wealth and power further in favour of the already extremely rich and powerful. Only in this sense is “Austerity” working.

The Manifesto sets out a coherent and wide sweeping economic, social and political alternative to “Austerity” – based on properly enforced progressive and corporate taxation, public ownership of the banks, utilities and transport, legislation to protect employment and investment in green and sustainable industrial growth… amongst many other radical policy proposals.

The Manifesto is the result of widespread consultation, and is a development from “The People’s Charter” and “People’s Petition” already very widely endorsed by the Trade Union movement generally. The Assembly is keen to stress that it is not just for use in the General Election campaign, arguing that whichever Party is elected in May there will be a continuing and urgent need to build a mass people’s movement to counter the enormous power of Big Business, the multinational monopolies and the banking and finance industry on a Europe wide basis enforcing the continuation and escalation of “Austerity” policies

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  • Bill Greenshields
    commented 2015-03-26 03:52:10 +0000
    This is a Manifesto of a different type, for though it shows the real purpose of “austerity” and makes a clear and cogent case for the alternative based on the needs of ordinary people, it is also a call for the building of a sustained mass movement to bring that alternative about, rather than solely a call for votes in the General Election.
    The positive policies in the People’s Manifesto are key to building such a mass movement. “What we are against” is important in mobilising, but “What we are for” is essential for a SUSTAINED movement.
    The Manifesto policies closely reflect those of the People’s Charter and Petition which have been adopted and reaffirmed many timesacross the trade union and progressive movement – and are also drawn from the decisions of People’s Assembly conferences.
    It opens with a challenging statement. “This Manifesto shows that Austerity is working only for the ruling class in a period when we have seen the sharpest decline in real wages since Victorian times.
    The scale of the transfer of money to the rich and powerful from the rest of us, unprecedented in modern times, is combined with savage attacks on our rights to organise and fight back. This means we must demand an alternative to survive and make a future for ourselves, our families and our communities.
    There is no need for ANY cuts to public spending; no need to decimate public services, no need for unemployment or pay and pension cuts; no need for “Austerity” and privatisation. In this Manifesto we demonstrate that there IS an alternative.”
    It deals with current austerity issues and realistic alternatives concerning – amongst many other things – tax, jobs and employment, pay and pensions, benefits, the globalisation “race to bottom”, the export of capital and forced movement of labour, immigration and super exploitation, “divide and rule” and the need for unity.
    A very useful section provides facts and figures about those who are the victims of austerity, and the tiny class of people who have massively gained – exploring the growing wealth/poverty gap and radical alternatives.
    The question of sustainability is explored in terms of Research and Development, energy conservation and renewables – with a focus on the creation of one million green jobs.
    Running throughout are both policies for ending privatisation and promoting nationalisation -“public ownership with democratic control” – and the need for regulation in the private sector – the need for legislation to compel reinvestment of profit, and to prevent closure and export of capital in profitable industry for example. Some current “regulatory legislation” is specifically opposed – such as pay freeze and anti-Union laws.
    The Manifesto makes it clear that what blocks its use for the benefit of the overwhelming majority of the people is nothing to do with the strength or weakness of the policies themselves. The obstacle is starkly obvious… it’s the tiny millionaire monopoly capitalist class that do so well from austerity, and their current overwhelming political power. Thus the need for the sustained mass movement!
  • Bill Greenshields
    commented 2015-03-26 03:45:55 +0000
    So if you like the Manifesto, and you are a member of a trade union, why not put it to your branch, region, national union etc that they should order some for members? Don’t leave it to someone else! You’ll be knocking at an open door – but someone just needs to get the ball rolling….
  • Bill Greenshields
    commented 2015-03-26 03:38:15 +0000
    This is great! We need ALL our trade union affiliates and supporters to follow suit and do the same – every conference, training event, committee meeting etc needs to have the People’s Manifesto available to all those taking part. Well done to NUT – you are the first!

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