The Nasty Party....

The nasty party is about to get a whole lot nastier, If the Tory leadership election is anything to go by.

The parade of the disgraced, unhinged, and unelectable will drag on until the middle of next month when the victor will emerge to become the newly crowned King of the Hammer House of Horror...and our prime minister.


It’s the Tory way to impose a new prime minister without having to go through the irritating formality of a General Election.

It’s our job to stop them. 

Every one of the candidates is committed to more austerity, to making the rich richer, and to normalising the most extreme forms of racism.

The new Tory leader will want to use the Tory party conference at the end of September to impose their dystopian vision on the country. The People’s Assembly is launching its challenge to this disastrous course of action.

We urge you to attend and help build the National Anti Austerity demonstration at the Tory Party Conference on 29 September.

Please share and invite your friends to the Facebook Event

If you attend CLP or Trade Union Branch meetings please download our Model Resolution here and submit:

People’s Assembly Model Resolution

Download Flyers and Posters here and share in your local community and work places

Protest the Tory Party Conference 2019 Flyer and Poster


Can you help?

The People's Assembly is a grassroots organisation which is supported by many trade unions, campaigns and local networks, as well as many individuals.  But we need your help. It costs money to organise events, meetings, demonstrations and campaigns. Unlike those who are enforcing austerity, we do not have wealthy businessmen backers. We rely on donations from our supporters. Over the past few months we have organised or supported campaigns over the NHS, closure of libraries, housing and in support of trade union rights. We held a demonstration in early January calling for a general election. 

We need to step up our campaigning and help give a voice to those trying to stop library closures, end Universal Credit, defend the NHS and provide a better future for our children. 

Please consider supporting The People's Assembly with a one off or monthly donation.
Thank you!!

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