The Manifesto Of Misery

Theresa May has made it blatantly clear her attitude to ordinary people in, what can only be described as, her Manifesto of Misery.

She chose Halifax in West Yorkshire as the location to announce the Conservative Manifesto, hand picking press and other individuals to attend & keeping secret the venue from the public. Luckily, the People's Assembly found out the details yesterday afternoon and, with the local unions and campaigns, we pulled together a lively demonstration which could be heard inside the launch throughout.

Amongst the horrors in the manifesto include what's rightly being described as the 'death tax' forcing millions to pay much more for social care - robbing people's houses from them & their family when they die to cover the costs of looking after them in old age. She didn't stop there for the older generation announcing she'd scrap the universal winter fuel allowance and abolish the triple lock on pensions.

In the 80s Thatcher took away free milk from our children, earning her the title of "milk snatcher". But Theresa May yesterday took it a step further and announced she'll take away free meals for infants - #LunchSnatcher

May also dropped the pledge not to increase income tax or National Insurance tax, dropped the ban on new grammar schools, launched a fresh attack on foreigners reaffirming the arbitrary target to bring immigration down below 100,000. And to top it all off she wants a vote in Parliament on bringing back Fox Hunting.

How any of the press and commentators think they can get away with calling this a 'Red Tory' manifesto is unbelievable and exposes the mainstream bias in this election campaign.

Where's Theresa?

Theresa May is hiding from the public in this election campaign hand picking audiences, vetting questions, and keeping secret the locations she'll be visiting. There's one very simple reason for it - she knows that there is enormous opposition and anger towards her and her party after their policies have wrecked the lives of so many people. Thousands would jump at the chance to voice that anger in protests and demonstrations if they had the opportunity, as we saw from the hastily organised demonstration yesterday.

We're putting out a call for any information: we working had to find out where Theresa May will be along the campaign trail but if you have any information please let us know! We'll help to pull together protests, demonstrations, and actions to make sure her policies are exposed as they should be - wherever she may be, however short notice it is.

On Monday, look up!

From Monday we have a big, very visual, surprise coming for Theresa May across the country! Daily we get hounded by the corporations and big business pushing out their messages to us everywhere we look. From Monday - we're taking back some of that space to put across a different message. Full details announced shortly.

She's a Liar, Lair

Captain Ska's track, accusing Theresa May of being a 'Liar Liar', will be released on Friday 26 May for download. We only need a few thousand downloads to get it in the official top 40s forcing the BBC to play it. The teaser video has already been viewed over 300,000 times on Facebook, youtube and twitter pages. Please keep spreading the word and get ready to download it on Friday 26 May. Click here to watch the teaser video

The Millionaires vs The Millions

On Monday we'll be launching an emergency election crowdfunding campaign. We have a huge amount planned already but we've now used up every penny we have! 

The more money we raise the bigger impact we can have, but we only have a very short time to make this happen. The Tories get massive donations from a few millionaires but we have the strength of our numbers. Please have a think about what you can donate so we can do more of the actions above. We'll send out details of the crowdfunder on Monday.

 - People's Assembly Newsletter Friday 19 May - 

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  • Mervyn Drage
    commented 2017-05-28 08:22:56 +0100
    Good stuff
  • Robin Hume
    commented 2017-05-27 14:19:46 +0100
    A great idea. I still think the Tories will win, but hopefully with a much smaller majority than they are hoping for. The day we see the back of this lot can’t come soon enough.
  • Mervyn Drage
    commented 2017-05-20 01:02:07 +0100
    You are doing great work exposing the lies of the Tory Govt, big business and the capitalist media
    Labour can win, we need to mobilise the people particularly through the unions
    Mervyn Drage,
    Member of UNITE the Union.
  • Paul Sutcliffe
    commented 2017-05-20 01:00:28 +0100
    Thought you might like my sneaky video of the Manifesto launch from both sides of the cordon. Includes direct action and ‘inappropriate’ humour.
  • Karen Parkin
    commented 2017-05-19 20:31:28 +0100
    Great newsletter! I’m beginning to think we can really do this!
    Keep up the good work.

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