Teesside Action Plan

Here’s a summary of the decisions we made at our meeting on Thursday 30 January 2014

Here’s a summary of the decisions we made at our meeting on Thursday 30 January:
Anti-cuts lobby of Middlesbrough Council, 3 March
Further to our anti-cuts lobby at Middlesbrough Town Hall on 20 January, we agreed to organise another action at Middlesbrough Council’s budget-setting meeting on Monday 3 March (Steve C to take the lead).
Public event working group
We agreed that Barbara C would take the lead in arranging a meeting of the TPA working group established to organise a public event.
People’s Assembly national recall conference, 15 March
We elected the following 10 delegates to represent the Teesside branch at the People’s Assembly national recall conference on Saturday 15 MarchMichael A; Liz A; Claire B; Barbara C; Steve C; James D; Ben M; Thabo M; Alan T; and Stuart T.
We agreed that proposed motions for the national recall conference would be discussed at our next meeting onWednesday 19 February and that such motions should be submitted to TPA’s communication secretary by no later thanWednesday 12 February.*
We further agreed that TPA’s delegates would not be required to speak or vote in support of specific motions at the conference.
* Note: Proposed motions for the PA’s national recall conference should be written in accordance with the PA guidelines (available at http://goo.gl/fxvtBO) and sent to the branch’s communications secretary Steve C at TeessidePA@gmail.comby no later than Wednesday 12 February for distribution via TPA’s mailing list, blog and social media sites.
English Defence League
In relation to rumours of an EDL rally in Middlesbrough, we agreed that a TPA response would be organised should it seem appropriate when the situation had been clarified.
Trades Union Congress demonstration in York, 8 March
We agreed to support the TUC demo against the Tory-Lib Dem Coalition’s austerity policies being held in York on Saturday 8 March to coincide with the Liberal Democrats’ spring conference in the city.  Steve C to promote via mailing list, websites, etc.  Liam A to look into a meet-up location.
'Britain needs a pay rise' national day of action, 19 March
We agreed to discuss our contribution to the Peoples’ Assembly forthcoming national day of action, themed ‘Britain needs a pay rise’, at our next meeting.  The day of action will be on budget day, Wednesday 19 March.
National day of protest against ATOS, 19 February
We agreed to support the local action being organised by Teesside Solidarity Movement as part of a national day of protest against ATOS on Wednesday 19 February.  TSM’s protest will be held outside the ATOS office in Thornaby from 11.00am to 1.00pm.  Further information is available on the Facebook event page at www.facebook.com/events/1395495970700188.
Barton Moss community protection camp
We affirmed our solidarity with the Barton Moss community protection camp in their struggle against fracking and against the way that police are treating them.
Next meeting
Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 19 February 2014 at 7.15pm in St Mary’s Centre, Middlesbrough.  There's a Facebook event page for this meeting at www.facebook.com/events/443490472447390.
Further meetings have been booked for Wednesday 5 MarchWednesday 19 MarchWednesday 2 April and Wednesday 16 April, all at 7.15pm in the same venue.
A full set of draft minutes is attached.  This document can also be downloaded at http://goo.gl/UBzJVV.

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