Tax Credit Cuts: We want to hear from you

We are asking as many people as possible to get in touch if you are being directly affected by cuts to Tax Credits.

Please leave a public comment below or email us at:

The Tories want to push through cuts to Tax Credits. This is something that David Cameron twice promised he would not do before the General Election. These cuts are a penalty on working people and will leave millions of families worse of.

It's another broken promise in a long list made by the Conservative party, the party that penalises the average worker. On this issue they are weak and vulnerable, and it's a fight they could loose if we get organised.

We want to take as many voices of opposition right to Downing Street itself to highlight what the reality of these cuts look like. We will be planning protests, press conferences, meetings and coordinated action.

We want to start with your story. Let us know if you're being affected. If you feel you can, do include a short piece (no more than a couple of paragraphs) on how these cuts will affect you and your family. Alternatively, you can send in a 1 min video, shot on your phone.

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  • Sheila Searle
    commented 2015-10-27 17:54:58 +0000
    there is an irony in the house of lords standing in defence of the plebs and George Osborne , the commoner[?] saying “let them eat cake” the worms have turned. i agree. its a living wage so lets all live on it!
  • Richard Horrocks
    commented 2015-10-22 12:58:34 +0100
    Has my previous comment been deleted?
  • Elaine Shelton
    commented 2015-10-22 09:56:56 +0100
    Perhaps it should be a case of ‘a taste of there own medicine’, put al MP’S on the minimum wage as they are so convinced it is a living wage they shouldn’t have a problem existing on it

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