Swindon PA Anti-Austerity protest


Anti-austerity protesters to march on Saturday

PEOPLE opposing the Coalition’s austerity policies will be in Swindon town centre on Saturday singing carols and asking shoppers to sign a giant Christmas card.

The words to the carols will be changed for the campaign and the super-sized card will be sent to the Prime Minister at Downing Street.

One organiser, Swindon bar manager Michael Boon, 62, said: “We will ask people to sign the card saying that many people won’t be able to afford Christmas this year due to the Government’s austerity cuts.”

By singing alternative carols they hope to get their message across on a busy shopping day.

Saturday’s demo is organised by Swindon People’s Assembly, which is affiliated to the national People’s Assembly Against Austerity, which protests against policies that “hit the poorest and most vulnerable.”

SPA member and Swindon cleaner Kate Linnegars, 52, said: “I want to stand up as someone who opposes government policies.”

A report by the New Economics Foundation said that the biggest drop in living standards since the 19th century was squeezing low and middle income earners.

The three-hour Swindon Anti-Austerity protest is one of many at shopping centres around the UK. Protesters will be in Canal Walk from 11am to 1pm. Visit peoplesassemblyswindon@gmx.co.uk.


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