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  • Andrew Peacher
    commented 2014-07-09 09:14:02 +0100
    Parents Grandparents Child Abuse Survivors Mums Dads March for justice for the love of the stolen and abused children.

    Parents have had enough of government lies and State child kidnapping and abuse via social services and social workers
    Time to tell the truth Survivors expose the lies on child sex abuse.

    Parents March In London Share this If You Care and place on your websites and blogs. Andy 07827731060

    My Social Services Story.

    July 24th 10am London M25 Motorway Demo.

    South Mims Services A1/M25. 10am

    Then Moving to the place where the truth is never reported.

    July 24th 3pm Soho square.


    Bring your banners Respect.



    The Evidence
  • Eleanor McCarthy
    commented 2014-06-17 21:57:36 +0100
    Let’s stand together let’s never be divided / for all the people austerity is hurting , killing who can’t be there due to disabilities who have been cut off by Atos – we need to show them that we do not accept this disgraceful money making inpersonal company employed by privileged ministers who have never had to worry destroying lives & insuring the public it’s except able They have cut everything starting with ema & it has not stopped since they got power even though there was not a majority :locally we have lost hard working people , organisations that where there helping with sanctions , benefit cuts , fear of the overall : I want to be there to say NO this is not something I agree with , reading about blind men commiting suicide , lady going into a coma when Atos gets a pay rise – Ian Duncan smith chomping at the bit to do more damage , lord freud accusing struggling families of being lazy because they rely on food banks / so people get insulted on top of the horror , a working couple made redundant living in one room commiting suicide & comments that so shocked me the lack of compation : the most vulnerable being constantly attacked marginalised – Enough is Enough
  • Sohel Khan
    commented 2014-06-17 20:39:05 +0100
    i am the best

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