Strike in Cambridge University

This notice is a bit late, but the University and College Union (UCU) is part way through a major strike against an attack on the USS pension for teaching and support staff. The Cambridge UCU branch has produced a strong and energetic strike with high student support, and has our full solidarity!

The employers (represented by Universities UK) want to end guaranteed pension benefits, and also to cut their own pension contribution rate on earnings under £55,550: UCU's strike is meant to bring them back to the negotiating table. See Cambridge UCU's fantastic strike blog for full information.

Here are the national strike days, patterned as an escalation:

  • 22–23 February (Thursday to Friday, two days)
  • 26–28 February (Monday to Wednesday, three days)
  • 5–8 March (Monday to Thursday, four days)
  • 12–16 March (Monday to Friday, five days)

We can support the Cambridge strikers on these days by visiting the picket lines they have all over the place, including at the Downing site (Downing Street), the New Museums site (Pembroke Street), the Old Schools (King's Parade), and the Sidgwick site (West Road and Sidgwick Avenue).

Staff at Anglia Ruskin University belong to a different pension scheme and aren't affected by the changes. Anglia Ruskin UCU has however declared its solidarity with the Cambridge University staff.

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