Stick It To The Tories Sticker Campaign

Calling all local People’s Assembly groups and activists!

Our friends over in West Wales PA’s have come up with this fantastic sticker idea they are calling #StickItToTheTories !

They have created an online, production and distribution centre for all political stickers of the left. We have been working closely with them on PA designs and they can work with you to create stickers specifically for your local PA groups and campaigns. They are also going to list a wide range of other stickers covering anything from Trident to Fracking, Racism to NHS, Bedroom tax to TTIP and much more.  Campaigners and activists from all different campaigns can access the stickers they want from the site 


Above is an example of one of the PA designs that has been created which can be adapted for ANY local PA group.  You can request your own by contacting Jim Scott or Jon Plumpton at or even better, visit the sticker design facebook page and get involved with creating new designs that your group / or indeed all of us can then use!

Jim Scott has done this great interview with Mark McGowen (The Artist Taxi Driver) to promote the launch so please share that widely too and let people know you are supporting this campaign.

Please put this campaign on the agenda for your next meeting and support this. A campaign like this has the potential to be big, so let’s make it HUGE! 

You can also help by Tweeting and sharing (Twitter to @StickaTory) with the hash-tag; #StickItToTheTories whenever you see these stickers out and about, and of course by getting out there yourselves and Sticking it to the Tories personally!!

We would also love your ideas about sticker designs for the March for Health, Homes Jobs and Education. Sat 16 April. Keep spreading the word!

Share and Invite the Facebook Event as widely as you can.

Get down to

And see you, and your #StickItToTheTories stickers, on the streets!

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