St Albans Launch

Report in the local newspaper about the launch of the St Albans People's Assembly. 

St Albans People’s Assembly campaigns against Government community cuts

A group dedicated to campaigning against the impact of central government cuts on local communities has been launched in St Albans.

More than 100 people turned out to see St Albans People’s Assembly open in Fleetville Community Centre with Owen Jones, columnist for the The Independent newspaper, as guest speaker last Wednesday.

St Albans People’s Assembly is the local expression of the national People’s Assembly Against Austerity that was launched in June at Westminster Central Hall.

The idea of the People’s Assembly is to bring together a wide range of groups who campaign against the impact of central government cuts on local communities.

Councillor Roma Mills was also on hand to speak of the difficulties for the council in delivering services due to the cuts imposed by central government.

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