Southampton protests against care workers' pay cuts



Anti-austerity camapigners turned out in force in support of co-workers facing pay-cuts.

Protestors went to Care UK's Southampton office in Millbrook Road East to support fellow care workers in Doncaster, who face 35 per cent pay cuts as a result of new contracts.

Maggie Harding, chairman of Southampton Keep Our NHS Public, and Tomasa Bullen, Chair of Southampton People’s Assembly Against Austerity, said: “We are immensely encouraged by the response of motorists, very many of whom have hooted to show their support for the NHS.

"We call upon Care UK to withdraw the contract they are seeking to impose upon the Doncaster care workers and put decent pay and conditions for their employees before the profit motive.

"This is not only the mark of a good employer: it also shows concern for the people who will be receiving care from their employees.

“Care UK runs a number of services in Southampton, including operating theatres at the Royal South Hants Hospital, and has recently won the contract for the Minor Injuries Unit there. We call upon it to treat all its workers decently.”

A letter from Southampton Keep Our NHS Public and Southampton People’s Assembly Against Austerity was handed in at the Care UK office.

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