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On Tuesday, SELPA held its first educational forum with economist Michael Burke and Mary Robertson on the housing crisis. An enthusiastic crowd went away excited to get out on the streets and build the national demonstration on 21 June. 

It had been raised in a previous meeting that people sometimes found it difficult to articulate the arguments against austerity when talking to people about the People's Assembly. Richard volunteered to organise an event and invited Michael Burke, economist, and Mary Robertson, who has just finished a PhD on the housing crisis.
Both speakers had about 15 minutes to introduce their subject and then the meeting was opened up for several rounds of questions, some of which asked for a brief elaboration and some of which were more challenging!
There was a good turnout including quite a few new faces, and everyone had a chance to ask a question if they wanted to. Both speakers were very clear and made the subject accessible. It was generally agreed that most people would have been happy to stay and discuss the issues beyond the 90 minutes we had the room for!
The event was livestreamed and can be viewed online here:
It was decided by the group that only the speakers would be filmed so as not to discourage people from asking questions.
We are now asking people to feed back on what other subjects they would like to cover in similar events.

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