Six weeks to the biggest demonstration in years

In the last few days, we've seen a staggering 45,000 people pledge to take to the streets on June 20 and tell the new government to End Austerity Now. With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect - more destructive cuts, and more attacks on our communities. 

Now is the time to mobilise, to spread the word and to put everything we have into showing the full force of anti-austerity opinion in Britain. But organising a demonstration of this size will need all the help we can get, and we have six weeks to make it happen.

We're asking everyone of our supporters to please donate to our National Demo Appeal to make this as big and effective as possible.

Currently, The People's Assembly is totally reliant on donations, and to pull off this event we expect the costs to be at least £60,000. However, with every pound that is donated, we can produce more flyers, mobilise more towns and cities, organise more transport from across the country, and bring hundreds of thousands of people into the city of London on June 20.

Donate Now! What could you help fund?

£5: Will enable us to print and assemble 5 placards 

£10: Will fund 250 flyers and posters to be sent to a local group 

£20: Will assist us in getting a space in the papers, live broadcasting, and capturing mass media attention

£50: Support us to book an enormous sound system to make sure the whole of London can hear us

No amount is too big or too small, so please donate and spread the word, and thank you to all those that have already make contributions. Together, we can make this happen!

We will be sending out regular updates of route, speakers and more days of action this week. Watch this space. 

Please make sure you invite your friends to the facebook event - click here

In solidarity,

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

p.s. Thinking of organising a coach from your local area? We want to bring more than 100 into London on June 20. Get in touch:

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  • Joshua Stead
    commented 2015-05-13 02:34:46 +0100
    To carl Jones

    You make some good points. However, please try to remember that Unity is the only way forward. Please try to see where you both are agree. THAT DRAMATIC CHANGE IS NEEDED. The points Ann was making was not about women, but the fact that we must unite in a common cause, before we are all to weak and destitute to do so. Please try to remember that revolution takes time to build. Revolution is a process of change. The fact we live in a banana republic seems to allude most people, but not all. The Aristocratic imperialists can not hold humanity to ransom forever. An awakening has begun, its our job to unite and inform. To combat the dis-inform and divide and conquer tactics the people we oppose use.
  • Dave Kemp
    commented 2015-05-12 16:37:37 +0100
    Is there anyone going from Gloucester, Stroud or Cheltenham? A coach or lift would be much appreciated. I’m still waiting to hear if Unison are putting on a coach, but it sounds unlikely.
  • ann bird
    commented 2015-05-12 13:33:59 +0100
    In reply to carl jones……..its a god job emmiline pankhurst didnt adopt your hopeless attitude when she saw the awful effects of the victorian workhouse and the plight of the women there some forced into prostitution and all because queen victoria and her government decided that they didnt want a something for nothing society so put poor people into the workhouse……….having seen the plight of these women in moss side manchester incidentally where emmiline was born, she decided nothing would change in society for these women if women didnt get the vote………against all the odds she went forward and did something rather …………something needs to be done about the ridiculous cuts…. our voices need to be heard or we may end up back in the workhouse
  • Henry Hunter
    commented 2015-05-12 12:16:30 +0100
    I live in the north west where will transport be picking up from?
  • Joshua Stead
    commented 2015-05-11 22:47:31 +0100
    positivity and faith is needed. A true peoples party, run by the people for the people. With common sense and Equality the main policies.
  • Sonia Reade
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-05-11 19:42:01 +0100
    Six weeks to the biggest demonstration in years
  • Karrin Simpson
    commented 2015-05-11 19:10:47 +0100
    I have never demonstrated for anything in my 47years on the planet, but I feel compelled to do something! So I will be there…

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