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Britain is Broken - transport from Sheffield

Coach leaves Sheffield at 8.00 am, Chesterfield 8.30 am. January 12th

Book your tickets online

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National Day of Action Against Universal Credit

Local demonstrations against Universal Credit called by Unite Community Saturday December 1st

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Sheffield Rally Against Universal Credit

Stop and Scrap Universal Credit Rally

Saturday 27th October Sheffield Town Hall 11.30 - 13.30

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Out of Credit - Out of Office

Protest rally against Osborne's Autumn Spending Review at Sheffield Town Hall November 25th 5 pm

Sheffield Trades Council Rally Against Anti-Union Bill

Kill the Bill Rally

Sheffield Town Hall Monday 2nd November 5 pm


Organised by Sheffield TUC to coincide with a lobby of parliament


Protest against the vicious Tory anti-trade union bill, which is attempting to make the most restrictive trade union laws in Europe even worse, threatening the ability of trade unions to take action to protect YOUR wages and YOUR working conditions. Speakers include Martin Mayer (UNITE/Labour NEC), Pete Davis (GMB), Simon Murch ((NUT), Cllr Chris Peace (GMB), Gareth Lane (BFAWU) and Cllr Ben Curran (GMB).

New Study on Inequality in Sheffield

"We're all in it together..." 

 A new study by researchers at Sheffield Hallam University has shown the impact of welfare reform on households and communities in different areas of Sheffield

  • ·    Study of Sheffield residents shows that some local communities are hit five times harder than others
  • ·    Almost half the financial losses falls on working households
  • ·    Couples with children losing an average of nearly £1,700 a year
  • ·    Lone parents losing more than £2,000 a year
  • ·    Men and women with health problems or disabilities are also significantly disadvantaged
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Poverty in Sheffield Today: Finding a way forward

A public meeting has been organised by Sheffield’s Branch of Church Action on Poverty, the People’s Assembly for Sheffield and Sheffield Equality Group that aims to find ways of reducing poverty in the city. Everyone concerned about poverty in Sheffield is invited to come.

The public meeting will take place on Saturday 29th November 2014 from 10.00am to 12.30pm

in the Victoria Hall Methodist Church, Norfolk Street, Sheffield.

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Osborne fails again

Todays figures show that Osborne has managed to increase the UK deficit by over 10% (£11.8bn) from last September's figure.  In March of this year he boasted that he would reduce the deficit by 10% over the next year.  

Despite all the trumpeting of the drop in unemployment by the government and media, much of the employment has been in low paid jobs, or "self-employment", so that there is little increase in tax income when combined with the falling real incomes of most of the population.

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Sheffield Blog: Against Austerity YES, but what do we stand for?

Against Austerity, YES. But what do we stand for? The People’s Charter could be the blueprint.

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