Send a message of solidarity to the Glasgow Women's strike

The magnificent Glasgow women's strike has witnessed picket line scenes that we haven't seen for many years.
The 8,000 care, school, and catering workers, members of the GMB and Unison, have marched, protested and picketed in huge numbers, numbers which clearly exceed the limits placed on unions by the Tory anti-union laws.


And the solidarity strike action by male bin workers, hundreds of whom walked out in solidarity with the women, was a briliant response the women's action...and again in defiance of the anti-union laws.

It's hardly surprising that the women took action after waiting 12 years for their equal pay claim to be met by Glasgow council. They've been losing 1,500 pounds a year.

You can hear the women put their own case on David Jamieson's Beyond the Noise podcast here.

We urge every People's Assembly supporter to make sure that the women know you support them.
Rush messages of support from yourself and any organisations you represent to:

Britain is Broken, We Can't Afford the Tories
If you can, then please do come along to the launch in London on Nov 28. See here for the Facebook Event or go to eventbrite to book your ticket. Even though this is a free event we are asking people to book a ticket so we can keep an eye on the numbers.
You can donate towards this campaign here. All donations will go towards venue hire, national speaking tour, publicity and a national mass mobilisation in Spring 2019.


The People's Assembly Team

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