Scotland Launch Quotes

Thank you to Margaret Gallacher for these top 10 quotes.

Top 10 quotes from speakers at the launch rally of the People’s Assembly in Scotland – against austerity.


Andrew Murray, UNITE -  “The Tories sometimes say we trade unions want to take them back to the 70s, I say to them, well yes, but only the 1970s – you’re taking us back to the 1870s”.


Grahame Smith, STUC  -  “to Ed Balls and Alex Salmond, we’re not looking for a little bit less of the same, we’re looking for a lot more of something different …”


also from Grahame - “Welfare used to be seen as a progressive concept but now it’s been turned into a dirty word”


Ricky Tomlinson, actor and Shrewsbury 24 campaigner - “Austerity is just a fancy word for cuts, cuts, cuts and stuff the working class.”


also from Ricky -  If Spain’s broke, France is skint, Italy’s broke and we’re broke, who do we owe the money to – is it”


John Stevenson, UNISON - Each job loss is a human story but also a hit to the local economy.”


John paraphrasing UNSION’s Dave Watson on the government announcing growth in the economy ,,, - “The trouble with dodgy figures is that everyone can read their payslip and they can read their bills”..


Elaine Smith, MSP  - “For the Tories to say they are on the side of hard working people is like the wolf saying he’s on the same side as little red riding hood…”


Katy Clark MP - “People understand what’s going on – they simply don’t have the confidence to fight back”.


Cat Boyd, Coalition of Resistance -  “The Tories still peddle the lie that work is the way out of poverty when 6 million people in poverty come from working families.”

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