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People’s Assembly Scotland backs UN anti-racism demo in Glasgow

Date: Friday 20 March 2015

The People’s Assembly Scotland will join a major demonstration in Glasgow on Saturday 21 March to mark United Nations Anti-Racism Day.

People’s Assembly Scotland secretary Keith Stoddart will address the event, calling on all of Scotland to lay the blame for austerity and cuts where it belongs; on the politicians and not on immigrants or ethnic minorities.


Keith Stoddart will say: “Far right and fascist organisations are gaining support across Europe including in Britain. They capitalise on blaming immigrants for the fall in standard of living, economic problems and austerity when we should all know these have been political decisions which attack all working people.

“No cleaner, whether they are white, black, Scottish or Polish gambled on the stock exchange. No home carer, no social worker, no librarian, no nurse, no asylum seeker seeking refuge from persecution or torture. None of them created the financial crisis and they should not be blamed for it or have to pay for it.

“The banks and their pals in the Tory government created it and then made it worse. Don’t let them off the hook by letting them divide us. Nothing plays into the hands of the establishment more than worker being pitted against worker.”


“Austerity is our enemy. Not the colour of skin, not Muslims, Jews, Sikhs or Hindus. Austerity dehumanises us all – that is the enemy. We are all affected and we must all stand together to fight it”.


Further Information

Keith Stoddart: Secretary, People’s Assembly Scotland 07715272233

Phil McGarry: Chair, People’s Assembly Scotland 07931 183836

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