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People’s Assembly asks Lib Dems ‘will you oppose austerity?’


Date: Thursday 19 March 2015

The People’s Assembly Scotland is calling on the Lib Dem Conference in Aberdeen on 20 March 2015 to oppose austerity and privatisation and make up for ‘six years of overseeing the near-continual decline of Britain’.

As part of a campaign up to the general election, the People’s Assembly Scotland is asking all candidates: "if elected will you consistently oppose all austerity and privatisation proposals?”

And since social justice was such a central theme in the referendum debate, it will ask politicians to speak up now on how they will use devolved powers to deliver and create social justice in Scotland.

 The campaign, which includes a public petition, will publicise the responses to ensure the people of Scotland know exactly where their politicians stand.


Keith Stoddart, Secretary of the People’s Assembly Scotland, said: "After six years of overseeing the near-continual decline of Britain along with their rich Tory pals, Liberal Democrats meeting in Aberdeen have little to be proud off.

“Far from ‘holding the Tories back’ they have been willing participants in a savage attack on the people of Scotland. Poverty is rising with a reported half million forced to use food banks to survive this in the 7th richest country in the world. Average real wages are two per cent lower than they were five years ago.


“It's not too late for Lib Dems to change tack and support those struggling with the consequences of their actions in government. If they don't, the voters will know who they have chosen to stand alongside and they will be bear the electoral cost."

Further Information

Keith Stoddart: Secretary, People’s Assembly Scotland 07715272233

Phil McGarry: Chair, People’s Assembly Scotland 07931 183836

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