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People's Assembly Fife

Fife People's Assembly responds to their Councils cuts.

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Call Notice

Call Out for Artists Against Austerity Scotland

Are you an artist working in Scotland? Whether in theatre, visual art, poetry, dance, music you’ll be aware of how the attacks on public spending are affecting you and those around you.

Please follow the link for full details:

Smith Commission

Scottish PA submission to the Smith Commission on devolution.

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AGM Press Release

People's Assembly calls on Scotland to unite for more powers to defeat austerity

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Demo for Tax Justice and Fairness

We will be holding a demo in Glasgow on 2nd August against the abuses of the tax system.

Details of time and location will be posted later.

Scotland PA Handbook

This is the Handbook we have developed for use throughout Scotland.

A PDF is available to anyone requesting a copy.

July 5th

Saturday July 5th.
This date is the 66th anniversary of the founding of the NHS and the Peoples Assembly Scotland are encouraging supporters to organise and take part in events in support of the NHS on July 5th.

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Report from 29th March Seminar

Report from the seminar held in Glasgow March 29th

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Scotland Blog Saturday 29th March

The follow up meeting to the successful launch is to be held this Saturday. Already Glasgow TC and Clydebank TC have confirmed that they will be creating local Assemblies. We have other Trades Councils, campaign groups and union branches attending from all over central Scotland.

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Scotland Launch Quotes

Thank you to Margaret Gallacher for these top 10 quotes.

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