Sack the Tories - Protest and Food Collection

Mountain' of foodbank donations to be delivered to Downing Street ahead of the Budget in Universal Credit Protest

Tuesday 21 November
12pm - 1pm: Photo call and interviews opposite Downing Street
6pm - 7:30pm: 'Sack the Tories' protest and speeches, opposite Downing Street


The People's Assembly, will be delivering tons of food outside Downing Street the day before Philip Hammond announces the Budget, Tuesday 21 November, as they say the roll out of Universal Credit will 'force thousands more to rely on Foodbanks this winter'.  

The People's Assembly say 'we want to make a very public statement right in the heart of Westminster so that the politicians cannot ignore the reality of their policies that are driving people into poverty, forcing people to have to use foodbanks to feed their families'. After the mountain of food is displayed outside Downing Street for the day, it will be transported to a Trussell Trust distribution centre. 

We will also be collecting food from the public in a series of 'Sack the Tories' protests across the country that evening including one at Downing Street from 6pm - 7:30pm. Hundreds are expected to join the protest.

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Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People's Assembly said: "We need a Government that scraps the disastrous plans for Universal Credit, that closes tax loopholes and forces the tax avoiders to pay their fair share, to end the public sector pay cap with an increase above inflation, and to make sure our public services are properly funded. It's clear this weak government won't do any of this so they need to go." 

Richard Burgon MP, Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Justice, said in a video message encouraging people to attend the protests "Just look at how the Government are treating people on Universal Credit and look at how they are letting their rich mates off the hook when it comes to paying their fair share of tax. The message is clear: enough is enough, we need an alternative to austerity. 

The money to buy the food came from the sales of band Captain Ska's track 'Liar Liar'. A song that reached No.4 in the official charts before the General Election in June which accused Theresa May of being a liar. The band will once again team up with the People's Assembly to release a new track for the Xmas charts next month. Revenue from this track will again be split between foodbanks and the People's Assembly.

For information about events happening all round the country click here

See you there! 




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