The People's Assembly is an organisation led by it's supporters. In providing Resources we seek to empower our supporters and improve the work of the People's Assembly. Select from a actegory below:


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  • commented 2016-09-05 12:48:13 +0100
    People have the right to express their opinion. We are are live in this world with equal right and peoples assemble is the best source that promote human rights.
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  • commented 2016-04-11 07:20:51 +0100
    We admire the services of People’s Assembly .Your campaigns are appreciable that’s related to Home, Health, job, and education for the Nation’s youth . Your role is more important for the youth development .We should Never Give UP because our efforts are near to be completed.
  • commented 2016-02-17 05:35:23 +0000
    The meeting will offer a nationwide debate for anti-austerity views which, while more and more admired, are hardly represented in assembly. I am very great full to reach here. I am doing law and sometime in need help’s for completing academic writing than a i use this.
  • commented 2015-01-29 12:07:14 +0000
    Dear Ken,

    The People’s Charter is now available on the webiste in several areas. In addition more of our supporting documents have been made available in our resources section. Many more changes are on the way, so keep an eye out!
  • commented 2014-07-03 12:09:15 +0100
    I agree with Ken Keable
  • commented 2014-06-27 15:04:24 +0100
    One of the campaign tools we need on this website is the text of the People’s Charter that was adopted as policy by the recall conference of the People’s Assembly. How can we demand an alternative to austerity if we don’t tell people that we have an alternative policy (adopted by the TUC in 2009 and renewed annually since) and explain what it is?
  • followed this page 2014-06-25 13:56:15 +0100

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