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  • People's Assembly
    commented 2014-08-22 17:04:35 +0100
    Hi Laura, thanks for getting in touch and raising the issue of TTIP. Yes, we are and have been involved in no TTIP actions with the WDM and War on Want, many of our local groups are actively campaigning against TTIP and raising awareness about what is going on. It is one of our official campaigning issues. Please feel free to write a blog post for us, we have one written by John Hilary of War on Want on our website. Also, please do get involved in your local group and help plan and organise the campaign against TTIP, we need as many people involved as possible. Jacqui
  • Laura Necchi-Ghiri
    commented 2014-08-22 15:00:39 +0100
    Dear Peoples Assembly,

    Are you all aware of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the danger it represents for UK sovereignty / democratic control of our country? The TTIP is a secret trade deal between the USA and the EU which will allow huge American companies and multinational corporations to sue the UK (and the government of any EU country) if they feel that our environmental protections, health food standards, animal welfare and farming standards, and many others, are preventing them from making profits. This means that these huge corporations will be able to sue the government in special courts, called ISDS courts, for loss of profits. IT WILL ALSO MEAN THE IRREVERSIBLE PRIVATISATION OF THE NHS – as big American healthcare companies and pharmaceutical companies will also be able to argue that the UK government is preventing them from being able to ‘invest’ in our health sector (ie make profits) and the Government won’t be able to do a damn thing about it. These courts have already imposed fines on governments around the world, including Ecuador, Mexico, Canada and Australia. Australia is currentlu having to fight the Philip Morris Corporation for legislating that cigarettes must be sold in plain packaging.

    Please see the #noTTIP website for more details – and invite someone from #noTTIP or the World Development Movement to explain in more detail to your assemblies and to the Call 999 for the NHS marchers. All the major parties are signed up to this deal; only the Greens are suggesting we should ditch it completely. (I am not a member of the Green Party). Cameron could ringfence the NHS, but is choosing not to; Labour have not made a clear commitment to save the NHS, and have made no clear statement about defending UK sovereignty and democracy. If you care about the environment, safe and high quality food (unlike the low food standards and lack of environmental protections in the USA), preventing Monsanto from forcing us to use bee-killing nicotinoid insectides, then you need to fight to ditch the whole deal.

    Best wishes,

  • Paul Barker
    commented 2014-06-08 13:01:39 +0100
    ’re my last comment employment support allowance not what appeared in my statement appologies
  • Paul Barker
    commented 2014-06-08 12:59:21 +0100
    I’m a spiritualist minister recently I have been observing the way the drive to drive down to zero benefits I was talking to a young lady on Friday whose dad is 56 he was in the army 20 or so years ago and was invalidated out due to a back injury since then he has been unable to work he was on the infamous WAS which by the way the Labour/Tory goverment introduced under the leadership of Tory Blair so the result of the less assessment was he could work he went to the job centre to claim job seekers he was sent for several interviews and was unsuccessful so they have stopped paying him the pittance he received he gets his army pension which has been cut it’s s disgrace and what ever views you may hold this man served our country and is treated like a lazy bum by the state he once served thought this might make the case for job seekers to be abolished and any means tested benefits when I was speaking to my mum yesterday she said it’s like living in the 1930s which my mum remembers all to well my mum is 86 I think I need not comment further

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