Report: public ownership of the railways April fools day protests

Waterloo-all.jpgOn 31 March and 1 April 2015 supporters of nationalisation of the railways organised leafleting and protests at 100 train stations across the country

Groups supporting the April Fools Day call-out include local People's Assembly groups, local Green and Labour Party branches, Unite community branches, and various climate groups.

Following on from the hugely successful 5 Jan actions (read the report here) the April fools protest took place on the 21st anniversary of the disastrous privatisation of the nations railways. Since the privatisation £3.8 billion of taxpayers money - your money - has gone to train operating companies, while train fares have risen 23% above inflation. 

More details on the actions can be found on the Bring Back British Rail facebook page and the Action for rail website 

Here’s a brief snapshot of the actions on the day:



“We distributed about 120 -150 leaflets. Most of the travelling public accepted them, about a third actually expressed their support for re- nationalisation

Preston Park

“As ever, the public were overwhelmingly in support of the return of the railways to public ownership and the vast majority of people were happy to take the TSSA leaflet in support of public ownership”

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