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Here are just a small selection of Questions to be considered we've received so far:  


“How do we defeat the growing, powerful, false narrative around immigration and engage the public in a positive way around this now toxic issue?”

Michael P


“Will the members of EU living in the UK for many years be sent home after Brexit?”

Pierre R


“How can we guarantee that free movement of labour will be an undisputed part of the Brexit deal?”

Ian T


“What does the Labour Party plan to do to fight the rise of xenophobia in the U.K.?”

Emily W


“When is Article 50 definitely going to be triggered”

Philip B


“How will Brexit affect property prices?”

Stuart R


“How can you ensure that the poorest and most vulnerable in our communities are not hit the hardest by Brexit?”

Althea B


“How should the Left respond to the efforts of UKIP to win over previously left wing voters?”

David C


“How can workers rights such as annual leave and the working time directive be protected after Brexit?”

David K


“What does Brexit mean for the future of our NHS?”

Connor F







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