Protest against water charges in the Republic of Ireland

Ramona McCartney reports…

Today the people of Ireland take to the streets in protest against a Government that has no interest in its people or its country.  The Irish government has tried to introduce a double tax on water supply to every household in Ireland. 

After six or more years of one of the harshest austerity programmes in Europe, Ireland stands together as a Nation today and says “No more!”  

This is the drop that has made the vase overflow.  People simply do not have any more to give.  The installation of water meters by a privately owned water company has been met with defiant homeowners, who are well aware of the Government plans to sell Irish Water to the highest bidder.

Today the people rise and protest outside the Dail (Parliament). A solidarity protest took place outside Irish Embassy in London this afternoon.

Jayne Fisher Sinn Fein Chief political manager, Britain “This protest is brilliant and it’s a credit to the people coming out in solidarity with families at home. We are here fighting Austerity on both sides of the border and both sides of the Irish Sea.”

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