Privatisers "winging it” with RAF, Army and Prisons

Hundreds of trainee military pilots are not flying because of long delays in the Ministry of Defence's privately contracted training programme.
The multi-billion-pound training contract is run by Ascent, a partnership between Babcock International and Lockheed Martin and sees training that should take three years now taking six or seven adding further cost to the public purse.


Three hundred and fifty pilots, including helicopter and fast-jet pilots, are waiting to fly because of a shortage of planes and instructors, with trainee pilots spending their time doing office jobs rather than flying.

"It's a huge contract and it's fundamentally failing," said one source from an online BBC article.

"There are so many elements that aren't working. It's not doing justice to the young trainee pilots. They do initial officer training and then everything stops for at least a couple of years."

'Phantom' courses

BBC programme, File on 4, has discovered the MoD is paying Ascent for "phantom" courses, which never actually take place, because the contract says courses must be completed on time. At the same time, millions of pounds are being spent sending pilots to private flying schools to do their helicopter and multi-engine aircraft training.

Military outsourcing

These new findings come hot on the heels after Angry MPs labelled the British Army "naive" for signing up to an "abysmal" outsourcing deal with Capita for military recruiting and associated IT systems.

The Army initially forecast that it would save £267m over 10 years as a result of its partnership with Capita but has now reduced this to £180m. It claims to have saved £25m in the first six years which means it expects to save £155m in the remaining four years – this appears overly optimistic and unrealistic.

Profiting from Probation 

Another glaring concern is the number of criminals being sent back to prison for violating licence conditions has skyrocketed since the government’s “dangerous” part-privatisation of probation services, a watchdog has found.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said that while the 2014 Transforming Rehabilitation programme aimed to reduce reoffending and save money, the government has been forced to bail out failing companies and cancel contracts early in moves expected to cost taxpayers more than £467m.


All of this further indicates the staggering ineptitude of this Tory Government and it’s firm commitment to the transferal of wealth from the public purse to private fat cats. This is one of the biggest swindles in British history and we can no longer sit back and watch it happen. We simply can’t afford the Tories.


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  • John Hardman
    commented 2019-06-25 05:20:01 +0100
    We’re stuck indefinitely with the ‘fat cats’ and the “outsourcing” swindles put in by the major political parties. Our affairs are run by de facto crooks.

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