Press Release: 999 People's March to Save NHS joins with People's Assembly

The People's March has joined with the People's Assembly Against Austerity. Read all about it here...


A Jarrow-style march organised by mothers has united with the People's Assembly Against Austerity and many others in the fight to save the NHS from destruction by privatisation.

With a week to go before the People's Assembly holds its own giant march in London on 21 June, a group of mum’s from Darlington are planning a long march this summer to save the best free health service in the world.  The mum's will also be joining the demonstration next Saturday as part of the NHS themed bloc.

Labelled the ‘People’s March for the NHS’, it leaves from Jarrow and ends 300 miles later at Parliament, the same finish point for the People's Assembly demonstration on June 21, the first since it was launched just last year.

The 999 Call for NHS campaigner are planning to serve notice to every MP who voted for the Health & Social Care Act and to every MP who has played a part in the destruction of the NHS.

They will also lobby Opposition Leader Ed Miliband to use his opportunity to flag up the plight of the marchers in the PMQ that takes place earlier in the week and ask that Cameron is put on the spot on his record in office on the NHS.

The march will also remind MPs and others of the now historic world famous Jarrow March by over 200 people angry at the blight of unemployment in the austerity of the 1930s. As the Jarrow marchers did, the people's march will call through 23 towns and cities as they make their way down the spine of Britain. 999 Call for NHS campaigners and organisers Rehana & Joanna said

"What was clear from the first few days of launching the Jarrow Crusade on the NHS was that NHS campaigners are in the thousands and now with over 1000 registered and growing the march has turned into a real people's march. All we ask is people join us walk a mile, ten or the full 300 miles, just do your bit The NHS is owned by us, used by us, loved by us and it can only be saved by us.

Cameron's austerity isn't working, our NHS is being sold off and it's going to take the might of people everywhere to rescue the NHS. We are overwhelmed with the response and support being offered by NHS campaigners, trade unions and now the People's Assembly"

Sam Fairbairn, national secretary of the People's Assembly said:

"We are calling on all people's assemblies which are close to the march to come out and support this protest, to walk alongside these mums and to tell the Government, we will not let you wreck our free NHS which has served generations of our people since 1945. "We salute their courage and determination and we will be using our own demonstration on June 21 to highlight this march from the North East to London".

Social media including a special facebook page is buzzing with interest in the march, with thousands of likes and many supporters from across the country promising to walk the walk as it makes its way to the capital.

Notes to Editors: For more information and for interviews, please contact Clare Solomon on 07850 177637, David Peel on 07738 215458, or Rehana Azam on 07841 181656

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