How to Stop Austerity: People's Assembly National Conference 2015

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Saturday 5 December 2015, 10am - 5pm
Friends Meeting House, 173-177 Euston Rd, Kings Cross, London NW1 2BJ



Speakers include:


John McDonnell MP (Shadow Chancellor), Francesca Martinez (Comedian & Activist), Dr Rory Hicks (Junior Doctors Campaign), Yannis Gourtsoyannis (BMA Junior Doctors Committee), Christine Blower (National Union of Teachers), Dave Ward (Communication Workers Union), Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Steve Turner (Unite the Union & Chair, The People's Assembly), Sam Fairbairn (National Secretary, The People's Assembly) and more to be confirmed.

It's clear we face a vicious government. The election result in May shocked the nation as the Conservative Party managed to gain a slim majority in Parliament. They remain committed to further cuts, to selling off our public services and attacking ordinary people's living standards.

But, since the election, we've also seen some of the biggest mobilisations against austerity and against this government yet. The People's Assembly has grown rapidly and mobilised hundreds of thousands against austerity. From over a quarter of a million people marching on the 'End Austerity Now' national demonstration in June, to the week of action against the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, plus co-ordinated days of action, public meetings, rallies and protests the length and breadth of the country. The election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the opposition is another indication that people have had enough.

It's time for everyone who wants to see a change to come together once more and decide how we create a movement that can stop austerity in it's tracks. Weather you've been central to the organisation, or if you just want to find out how you can get more involved, join us on 5 December.




AGENDA - Click here for conference agenda & speakers

MOTIONS - Click here for motions being discussed and voted on
Affiliated organisations have submitted motions on the next steps for the People's Assembly.

Delegates / Observers

Everyone is welcome to attend the conference and take part in the debates and discussions weather you're part of an organisation or not as an 'observer'. If an organisation is formally affiliated to the People's Assembly that organisation is invited to elect 'delegates' who will be eligible to vote on proposals put forward to the conference (in the form of motions) on the next steps for the People's Assembly.

Delegate entitlements:
Local People's Assembly Group: 10 Delegates
National Affiliated Organisation: 10 Delegates
Local Affiliated Organisation (including trade union branches): 2 Delegates

Organisations are perfectly within their rights to send more than 10 people and we encourage you to do so, these additional observers will be allowed to speak in the debates and discussions throughout the day.


Disabled Access

For all accessibility information please see Friends House webpage here. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact the office.


If you have any queries at all about the conference at all please do not hesitate to contact us in the office on 0208 525 6988

or email us on



December 05, 2015 at 10am - 5pm
Friends House Euston
173 Euston Rd
Kings Cross
London NW1 2BJ
United Kingdom
Google map and directions
The Peoples Assembly · · 0208 525 6988

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  • Siddhartha Vader
    commented 2015-12-04 14:51:06 +0000
    Another conference?

    Another talking shop?

    Seriously? You know the answer to these questions. You have the tools, you have the option: direct action!

    What on earth is the point of yet another meeting with the same old faces saying the same old crap that has gotten nowhere. Now we have the sorry spectacle of Jeremy Corbyn being undermined from within, which was obvious to anyone with eyes to see. What else needs discussing? What else is it going to take for you people to wake up and stop playing games.

  • mike knoth
    commented 2015-11-19 20:33:19 +0000
  • Charles
    commented 2015-10-23 14:13:36 +0100
    We have had the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the Velvet Revolution, the Iranian Revolution, and the Arab Spring…. is it not time that the ‘Nobles Revolt’ was overturned and the ’People’s Revolution’ , long overdue, finally occurred???
  • Bob Archer
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-10-23 11:41:57 +0100
    Please RSVP: People's Assembly National Conference DEC 5. Now more than ever ...
  • Bob Archer
    @bob_archer tweeted link to this page. 2015-10-23 11:41:54 +0100
    Please RSVP: People's Assembly National Conference DEC 5. Now more than ever ...

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