People's Assembly hits Downing St ahead of autumn statement

Campaigners from the People's Assembly Against Austerity have staged a protest at Downing St tonight ahead of Osborne's autumn statement calling on the government to reverse austerity. (for images see notes below)

Sam Fairbairn, National Secretary of the People's Assembly said "George Osborne talks about growth, yet the growth that we are seeing is that of poverty and deprivation. Up to 1 million driven to food banks, 13 million people in Britain have been forced below the poverty line and only 1 in 40 new jobs are full time. Yet the richest have doubled their wealth since the recession hit."

Romayne Phoenix, Green Party said "We need to organise at every level to stop people being harmed. We need politicians to start representing the majority and not just those at the top."

James Meadway, Senior Economist at the New Economics Foundation said 'At the heart of austerity is a smash and grab raid by the rich. It takes a special kind of genius to introduce the biggest programme of public spending cuts for generations and still end up with an increasing government deficit."








Photos: Jonathan Stead

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