Is it time for a People's Assembly in Brent?

Is it time to set up a People’s Assembly in Brent? 

The People’s Assembly against Austerity was launched last year to help organise nation-wide opposition to government austerity policies which are doing untold damage to working people and communities while allowing the super-rich to increase their wealth to unprecedented levels. 

Since its launch, the Assembly has organised a 50,000 strong anti-austerity demonstration in London and has mobilised support for public sector workers’ pay demonstrations and for the Jarrow to London People’s March for the NHS. It is now mobilising for a huge turnout for the TUC’s Britain needs a pay rise demonstration in London on Saturday 18 October.

It has also established over 80 People’s Assemblies at town, borough and regional level around the country, and these have done a great deal to involve ordinary people in resisting cutbacks and other austerity-based attacks on their communities. 

A number of People’s Assembly supporters in Brent now believe that it is time to consider establishing a People’s Assembly in our borough, and we are inviting a range of progressive thinkers and activists to a meeting to discuss the matter.

You are invited to this meeting, which will be held at 6.30pm on Monday 6 October at the Prince of Wales Pub, 101 Willesden Lane, London NW6 7SD (a short walk from the junction of Kilburn High Road and Willesden Lane).

We believe that there is an urgent need to step up resistance to attacks on living standards, workers’ rights, state benefits and on our local health, education and community support services. We believe that a People’s Assembly in Brent will help do that and we look forward to meeting you at the 6 October meeting and to hearing your views on what should be done.

Please contact us if you require further information about the People’s Assembly against Austerity or, alternatively, call the Assembly’s national office on 020 8525 6988 or look up the national website on

Mary Adossides                         Richard Lynch 
07719 383 322                            07889 028 281
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