People's Assembly Action Plan

People’s Assembly local groups and supporting organisations met on 7 December 13 to agree and plan the next steps for the campaign. We agreed on the following action plan:

Jan / Feb: Hands off our Unions – defend the right to resist
National speaking tour starting with rally in Central London at the end of January following the statement launched in the Guardian.

3 Feb – 7 Feb: Student week of action – ‘No sell off of the student loan book’ Actions on campuses across the country.

22 February: Women’s Assembly Against Austerity.

15 March: Re-call People’s Assembly conference
Emanuel Centre, London. More info soon.

19 March: Budget Day – ‘Britain needs a pay rise’
Demonstrations, protests and actions across the country

22 March: support for ‘No to racism and fascism’ demonstration.
Click here for info

May Day: support for May Day protests and demonstrations

21 June: People’s Assembly National Demonstration London
National demonstration and free festival in Central London. More info soon.

October: TUC National Demonstration London

Fundraising appeal

We have a packed timetable of events and actions to mobilise for in the coming weeks and months. All of this costs money and we urgently need increase our regular monthly income to be able to properly staff our national office, and fund these exciting initiatives.

We are asking all supporters of the People’s Assembly to make a regular donation, however big or small. Donations can be set up on our website. Thank you for your continued support.

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  • Alan Gorman
    commented 2014-02-12 08:59:54 +0000
    I agree “Day of Action” is in grave danger of meaning “Day of Speeches,” in which case “they” – the centuries-old preservers of the status quo – win the bloodless war yet again … yet think what a People’s Assembly Party actually would mean – Green Party members joining with Labour Party members joining with the Russell Brand disaffected joining with all the various minorities and majorities … it can be done, but it’s easier said than done … hence the “Day of Speeches”?
  • Iain Hill
    commented 2014-02-06 08:05:27 +0000
    Are these events going to change anything? Why not devote your time to creating actual structures to ensure the peoples voice is heard?

    A People’s Party with its own candidates? A database of people (2 million?) to maximise use of the e petition system? An effective PR system to engage the attention of the hostile media?

    We must not be content with debates, which make those participating feel warm and cosy!

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