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Recall Conference 2014

The Emmanuel CentreThe Recall Conference of the People's Assembly in London on 15th March 2014 was attended by over 700 delegates including 4 from Oxford PA and the Oxford & District Trades Council.  

The People's Assembly did not spring fully formed from the minds of a few idealogues, it was birthed in cooperation and alliance.  So while some might say that most of the decisions voted by the delegates yesterday were predetermined, obvious, no-brainers or low-priority, many of the motions were geared to solidify the aims of the alliance, reaffirm cooperation and establish guidance for the movement to grow as directed bv the people it represents.

And, of course, we had a good time.

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Oxford People's Assembly declaration

The Oxford People's Assembly was formed in answer to a call by the national People's Assembly Against Austerity, dedicated to action and to building local resistance to the policy of austerity punishing the poor and vulnerable in our society.  As part of our remit, the Oxford People's Assembly is consulting locally on the draft People's Declaration.

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