Outrage Over Tax Credit Lies

The Conservatives latest attack on ordinary people may well be the final straw for many voters, some of whom took David Cameron at his word when he promised he would not cut tax credits.

 Huge, organised opposition to austerity has made the issue impossible to ignore in both the media and in the streets across the country.


Cameron "lied" to get elected

Over-confident, despite having only receiving the backing of less than 25% of the electorate and with only a fragile majority in the house of commons, the government attempted to press ahead with the cuts that had been explicitly ruled out in the run up to the election.

Conservative discontent

The plans to axe working tax credits had already been called into question from within. At first glance it looked as though there might be a back bench rebellion of Tory MPs after some spoke out against the attack on low income families. However, these so called "compassionate conservatives" later fell into line to vote in favour of the cuts.

Independent analysts say the cuts will will impoverish 200,000 children and leave 3 million low income families worse off.

After an impassioned debate in the House of Lords the cuts were voted down twice. The Government says it'll push ahead anyway, the details of the cuts will be announced in the Autumn Statement on 25 November.

Movement from below

The growing mass movement against austerity is destabilising the government's cuts agenda. The next step for the conservatives will be to try and repackage Tax Credit Cuts in a way that appears to be more palatable to the electorate. Taking money away from low income earners, who already spend the vast majority of their income to keep their head above water is economically illiterate. It will not only harm children and families, it will also hurt the economy.

Protest Osborne's Autumn Statement – Osborne's Nightmare Before Christmas – Hands Off Tax Credits - No More Cuts! The People's Assembly is organising a protests and actions ahead of the Autumn Statement across the country. London Protest: Assemble 6pm, Tuesday 24 November, Trafalgar Sq. March to Downing St. For more details see here

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  • sam paul
    followed this page 2016-07-15 17:22:29 +0100
  • Michael Thompson
    commented 2015-11-29 19:17:47 +0000
    The English are largely stupid and easily lead politically. Austerity has been happening since Thatcher in the 1980’s when she began rolling back the State for an ideological purpose. Cameron and Osborne are finishing off what she started, that of rolling back all the Social improvements brought in under a Labour Government after WW2, and they are getting away with it.
  • Jean Watson
    posted about this on Facebook 2015-11-18 18:50:39 +0000
    Outrage Over Tax Credit Lies

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