Osborne fails again

Todays figures show that Osborne has managed to increase the UK deficit by over 10% (£11.8bn) from last September's figure.  In March of this year he boasted that he would reduce the deficit by 10% over the next year.  

Despite all the trumpeting of the drop in unemployment by the government and media, much of the employment has been in low paid jobs, or "self-employment", so that there is little increase in tax income when combined with the falling real incomes of most of the population.

Even the government's own Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission, chaired by ex-Labour minister Alan Milburn, has recently noticed that "Britain remains socially divided", and child-poverty, affecting 1 in 6 of UK children, is set to increase.  Seems it is the result of austerity.  Who would have thought?

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