Occupy Democracy at Parliament Square


This Friday the 17th of October #occupydemocracy began occupying Parliament Square to demand the alternative. Each day of the camp will cover different aspects of the huge democratic deficit.

Defend democracy, get to Parliament Square now if you can to give a hand. Don't let police take away our freedom to protest. http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/occupy_democracy

Watch this space for rolling updates.

Tuesday 21.11.2014

Defend democracy, get to Parliament Square if u can to give a hand with Don't let police take away our freedom to protest.


protesters continue to rally on FOLLOW LIVE:


They've taken our square, but we are far from beaten! We're still here!!


Proud of for standing up for the right of peaceful protest. Let's defend democracy


Jenny Jones - respected London Assembly Member was arrested in the police melee at

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I will be speaking outside Parliament at 6pm Thursday 23rd October


Sunday 19.11.2014

"Having pizza at , Parliament Square, these kids are like radicalised ninja turtles."

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Occupy digs in at Parliament Square despite huge police aggression and intimidation reports Matt Bonner fromt he occupation

Since Friday evening, hundreds have been assembled at Parliament Square as part of a nine day occupation to create a space for peaceful protest and engaging discussion on how to achieve real democracy.

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Thursday 16.10.2014

This Saturday's march should be really inspiring. Yet all too often as the Peoples Assembly has experienced, the mainstream media does its best to ignore these huge demonstrations. By heading to and swelling the ongoing action in Parliament Square we will be part of something they won't be able to ignore.
After the rally we have a chance to feed the powerful energy of the march and of the Peoples Assembly into a wider demand for the alternative we all know is within our grasp if we can expose and push aside the powerful corrupt and antidemocratic forces that are preventing a better fairer society that works for people over profit.
Look out for towers banners and samba band to meet up for big march from Hyde Park.

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