Invest Don't Cut - NUT London March and Rally

The National Union of Teachers is planing a demonstration and rally focused on education cuts on Thursday November 17th from 5:00pm

Assemble at Whitehall Thursday 15 November 5:00pm and demand 'Invest don't Cut'. 

Download the flyer HERE

The NUT asked it's members about we they thought they should protest march and rally about what's happening in education under this government. Here's what they said: 

  • Children's lives matter. We must stand up to this government’s cuts.
  • Cuts will have a detrimental effect on the education of young people. It is that simple.
  • To do something about this government’s privatisation by stealth of our education system.
  • To stop bigger class sizes jeopardising our children's future.
  • I can see the pernicious effect of cuts as a school governor and teacher. Invest, don't divide with selection!
  • These cuts mean only 3 teachers are available in my school to teach 1500 pupils in ICT.
  • Teachers are giving all they can and more and it's still not enough for this government.
  • The teacher to pupil ratio is already ridiculously high - there is little opportunity for one to one teaching.
  • We need to stand up for what we believe in. Children's futures are at risk.
  • I have no TA in my year 4 class, plus an overwhelming number of non-teaching jobs to do.
  • Cuts HAVE devastated my school and my job is now SO much harder than it should reasonably be.
  • Children deserve individual attention that they will not get in larger classes. The workload is already extreme and cuts would put added pressure on teachers.
  • Cuts will completely damage our children's education.  In a few years there will only be enough to pay for staff. Where will we get resources?
  • Because I am a daily supply teacher. I will be affected first by the cuts. We are not getting fairly paid. Agencies are profiting up to 30% that could be eliminated by investing in schools.
  • Because of the appalling narrowing of the curriculum and the way in which working class children in particular are being denied the right to a broad, balanced curriculum
  • Teaching is becoming an untenable career choice. I am over worked and under paid in a department where staff members have left and not been replaced.
  • To try to make the government think again about the harm that will be caused if funding is cut.
  • I believe in a proper education, not just processing units of production, and that costs money.


See you on the streets. 

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