We've served notice on Theresa May... Now to Manchester

This Saturday we served Theresa May notice... it's time for her to step aside. Her coalition of chaos must end now. Over 100,000 people joined us in central London called with only three weeks notice. 

Thank you to all those who spent hours leafleting, organising and networking to get people there. Thank you to all the Unions & campaigns who supported and donated to make sure it could happen. Thank you to all the volunteers on the day. Thank you to the speakers and performers. Thank you to everyone who came! 

Check out this fantastic video of the day which gives a great feel for the positive energy and political anger that was palpable on the day. 

(Video by Eugen)

Click here to play

We were joined by a fantastic line up of speakers and artists, including, Jeremy Corbyn MP, John McDonnell MP, Diane Abbott MP, Sian Berry, Mark Serwotka, Len McCluskey, Shy FX, Captain Ska, Wolf Alice, Get Cape. Wear Cape Fly, Peace, Sink the Pink and so much more... This is what we can do with only three weeks to organise, just think what we'll be able to pull off for our week of action during the Tory Party Conference in Manchester this coming October. 

What is Next?

We now have to shift our attention on to the Conservative Party conference Saturday 30th September - Wednesday 4th October in Manchester.

We're planning on a week of politics, culture and protest like nothing we've ever done before, including a massive National demonstration on Sunday 1 October, the day the Tory Party conference starts. In 2015 we held 'Take Back Manchester' which brought in thousands from all over the country... this time we need to build on that, and make sure they know they're politics of austerity, racism and war mongering are not welcome there.

We'll be mobilising from across the country to get people there. If you're in or around the Manchester area we're holding an open planning meeting for the week of action on 18 July, please do come along to get involved. Details here

Look out for updates coming soon. 

To do this we need your help

It's become clear that the Tories are weaker and weaker, unable to pursue the vicious policies they put forward in their Manifesto of Misery. This is because of enormous political pressure, both from the opposition in parliament and public opinion. It's our responsibility to continue to make sure that opposition on the streets is felt, the big mobilisations have a huge impact on national politics right now. 

To continue to do this we need to raise as much money as possible - we're asking everyone to donate whatever you feel you can each month so we can put on more events and actions like we did last Saturday. However small or large an amount you can afford, it all makes a huge difference to what we can achieve. 

Click here to set up a donation to the People's Assembly Against Austerity

See you in Manchester! 

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  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-12-28 14:25:43 +0000
    It’s finally arrived!!


    Jeremy is now our beloved Prime Minister, along with Kier negotiating our exit (or maybe another referendum), Diane as Home Sec and so on.

    But, er, just a minute, isn’t that blasted woman still there?

    Isn’t Jeremy still on the sidelines doing everything he can to oust the nasty party including derailling Brexit negotiations. Its a bit like watching our Nicky Sturgeon desperately trying to anger the English so they have a referendum on throwing us Scots out of the UK. Whatever he does (Jeremy that is) has nothing really to do with it being the best for Britain, its all about getting his way.

    Take for example the outcry about Trump. As a protest, reasonable. As a policy, abysmal. Imagine in 2 years time with Labour at the helm, the US would have closed down trade deal negotiations as The Donald is as stable as Jeremy is a realist.

    So, if Michael Eavis is to be believed, Jeremy said 6 months. Its 6 months later and no, he’s not in power. Time for a re-evaluation then. Perhaps Jeremy has borrowed time from the world clock and actually 6 months means 16 months. This is probably just the same tactic as borrowing from the world bank as if Jezzers was our leader then in 16 years we’d all be in massive trouble again and the sick man of Europe (again) Anyone remember the 60’s?
    Vote Labour

    All the best for a prosperous, liberated and Labour-free New Year

    Rgds ErJust
  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-12-15 15:50:12 +0000
    Just 10 more days to go before the “noble and honest” party takes on the mantle of power and the number of defeats for the Tory government are now piling up. Including the last humiliation I count a grand total of, er, one and wasn’t that really just to get the right form of words into the Brexit legislation.

    There’s an increasingly small matter of a general election but that’s neither here nor there. What we should all be looking forward to is tearing up this rubbish agreement that Theresa has negotiated and getting down to agreeing basically the same thing but with a lot more money thrown in.

    What is almost deafening is the total lack of disagreement from within the Labour party. Are there no remoaners or ardent brexiteers amongst the throng of MPs who “will be ministers soon” or are they all just keeping shtum in case some degree of free thinking should slip out? Careful boys and girls, the bogeyman from Momentum will get you if you put one foot out of line.

    Anyway, with Jeremy standing up in front of all those EU leaders the other day, making a powerful speach on the agreements that had been reached and getting a round of applause, we needn’t worry, he’s already got the process well in hand. But, er, just a mimute, he wasn’t actually in Brussels was he but doing another photo shoot for GQ!!

    So who will be in N°10 on Boxing day, any odds offered?

    All the best for a Merry Christmas

  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-11-26 17:11:32 +0000
    Nearly, so nearly there!!! One month to go before The People’s representatives retake power!!!!

    But, er, just a minute, more people actually voted for the nasty party than for Jeremy’s Giants so does that mean that the People’s representatives are actually in power already?

    Sorry for such a brief posting but I’m actually away on-site with a customer so really busy.

    Looking forward to Boxing Day and Mr Corbyn eating his words


  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-10-29 06:46:17 +0000
    Briefings with military heads are now taking place as it will be our Jeremy with his finger on the nuclear button. Or not, as the case may be, as despite it being in the manifesto, Jeremy is against their use. Fabian offered a tiny insight into what Old Labour would actually do in power – Trident “dead in the water and we’d sign a UN treaty banning them” . So in a brave new UK where wealth generators are taxed and taxed again, companies are penalised for the use of robotics and where corporation tax would rise and rise again, income to the exchequer would spiral ever downwards. But, er, just a minute, says Jezzer, couldn’t we simply sell off our harbour bound boats, complete with multiple missiles, fuel rods for many years and operations guide handily translated into North Korean? But who would possibly buy them?

    So, if you feel the key traits of Great Britain, – free trade, racial and religious tolerance, rule of law from an elected government – are just too “last century” and you want the UK to shuffle off the world stage and leave defending these unworthy goals to someone else then . . .

    Vote Labour #NoMoreFinancialCommonSense


  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-09-26 14:28:36 +0100
    And now, here we are with just 3 months before Jeremy takes up residence in Number 10 and still much to do. There’s new paint colour schemes to choose though that should be pretty easy as its all a variation on a deep shade of red. However, on the subject of decorating, there’s still the knotty problem of all those cracks to paper over. Brexit. Just how can Jezzer sort out the party on the thorny problem of single market access without allowing free movement of people. And what about Trident? No divisions there . . Hahaha.
    The omissions on race relations from the much vaunted manifesto – not a problem to a master paper hanger, a bit of pollyfilla and a lot of paste plus that new anaglypta that Laura likes so much. Anti-semitism? Not in Old Labour, surely . . .
  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-08-29 08:24:49 +0100
    Less than 4 months to go!!!

    If I was Jeremy, I would be looking to augment my cabinet with junior ministers and key advice staff. Id be recruiting from Trades Union veterans and hard left university academics, you know, those people who have never held a position of responsibility in a company but are at the forefront of telling others who do, what they should be doing.

    Role December 26th and the destruction of British industry.


  • Mark Hoddinott
    commented 2017-08-04 20:17:17 +0100
    When will you all just grow up? You all must have a lot of free time and money to go on jollies all over the country. All i see at these marches are affluent,middle class ideologists. Always complaining: Brexit….Trump…‘the nasty Tories’. The list is endless.
    You DO NOT STAND FOR THE WORKING CLASS. Stop pretending that you give damn. You’re all just in it to justify and fuel you’re left wing extremism. I know exactly what sort of people go on these marches, selfish, immature, spoilt entitled/privileged snobs.
    Meanwhile the rest of us working class keep the country ticking over and moving, without complaining and stamping our feet. Carry on with you’re self indulgent,sycophantic ’it’s all about me’ rubbish if you want. Pathetic.
  • ErJust AMinute
    commented 2017-07-12 07:22:21 +0100
    Great to see such passion and commitment to a cause, you never really see that from the Conservatives or people who do think the austerity is a good thing. And top marks to whoever thought up using the word “Austerity” for this form of financial management in government. Its a really good slogan around which to rally but, er . . . just a mimute, could we look at how much we the people actually owe. According to the ONS, the UK national debt stands at about £1.7 trillion, that’s £1,700,000,000,000 and is still rising. Yes, the financial crisis we’ve just been through contributed greatly however we are living beyond our means and that is not sustainable. If I read your messages correctly, your pages and the people who support them wish to see an end to the attempts to bring down this debt and spend if not like Viv Nicholson then perhaps not far off. This seems to be a flawed approach as it would have to be paid off by someone, eventually. Is this not financial common sense? Perhaps the figure of 1.7 trillion is just too big to relate to, ok, so how about this: UK population stands at about 65 million which means we each hold about £26,153 of that debt. And you want to increase that?!?! I hate the idea of being in debt so again, for me anyway, financial common sense suggests not burdening the next generation with such a debt and sort it out now.

    Final point – remove the word “Austerity” in each of your pages, fliers, banners, etc. and put in “Financial Common Sense” because this appears to be more in keeping with your aims

    “Not One Day More. ”tweet-url hashtag" href=“https://twitter.com/#!/search?q=%23ToriesOut” title=“#ToriesOut”>#ToriesOut No More Financial Common Sense"

    All the best


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