Nottingham Supports the Jnr Doctors!

Our doctors work hard and deserve to be treated well. The government's decision to impose a new contract on them will see them working longer for less and will drive down morale in the profession.

Already thousands have said they will leave to practice in countries where they are respected for what they do. 

This rally is for members of the public to show our support for their fight for a decent negotiated contract.

It's also a chance for us to stand up for our NHS, which we know Jeremy Hunt plans to privatise*.

Student nurses are also now expected to pay the full £9,000 tuition fees for their training. In a country where we already have a shortage of nursing staff how do we expect to train enough nurses to fill our hospitals if they will graduate saddled with enormous debts.

Speakers at the rally include student nurses, a junior doctor and NHS campaigners. Let's say it loud: We support the junior doctors, and we love our NHS!

Please follow the Facebook Event and share widely. Get down there! 

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